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12 May 2006

Departed from my house at 4.10 p.m. after fetching Wan Lin to Kelana Jaya to meet up with others. Departed from Kelana Jaya to Sungai Buloh rest area to meet up with other members. The journey to Kampar started at around 5 p.m. We had our dinner at Kampar. Later, we departed to Jeram. We stayed overnight at Jeram.

13 May 2006

Had breakfast at Jeram before departing to Simpang Pulai. I did not have to drive as Leong had offered to drive others to the entrance of Mt. Suku. The entrance of Mt. Suku is located after 32 km drive from Sinpang Pulai – Cameron Highlands road. Arrived at the entrance before time 0930. Started the journey at time 0930. Along the way to the summit there were two false peaks. Hikers had to hike almost all the way up to the summit. The steepness is approximately 45 to 50 degrees. We arrived at the summit after time 1230. We had our lunch on the summit.

From the summit, nothing much could be seen as most of the time thick clouds covered the view. At certain time, we could see the Simpang Pulai – Cameron Highlands road, Mt. Irau and Titiwangsa range. The summit weather was quite cooling.

We descended from the summit at time 1345. The trail at certain point was slippery and steep. I had to be extremely careful when descending from the summit. We reached the car park at around time 1645. Upon reaching the car park, I had some minor headache and had consumed a Panadol for relief. I had never experienced such condition before other than mountain sickness when ascending Mt. Kinabalu in 1996. This condition could be due to the body exposure to the cold wind on the summit after sweating.

I did not have any special feelings when reaching the summit of Suku. It was just a normal feeling that I had been to that place on that particular date. From my personal view point of this mountain, it is manageable to the beginners with sufficient level of fitness.

Each mountain has its own degree of difficulty. It is a challenge for a hiker to overcome it. No matter how tough you encounter in climbing mountains, you will still face the same problems when descending. In other words, there are ups and downs in our life and everything in this world is equal. I also agree with some people that when you have reached the summit of a mountain, it does not mean that you are great. The strong structure of the mountain summit will still be there for many years to come. It is just there you have been to that particular summit before on the specific date and time.

Back to Jeram and had our dinner at Kam Meng’s house.

14 May 2006

Had to leave early at around time 0800 (leaving Kam Meng and Leong) as Wan Lin had to rush back to his hometown at time 1430. Had breakfast at Kampar and then departed to Petaling Jaya. It was okay for me to miss the planned trip to Lata Kijang waterfall as there is always another chance to visit the fall in the future. Arrived at Petaling Jaya at time 1040.

11 APRIL 2006

Date: 11/4/2006
Time: 6.00 a.m.
Location: Bukit Aman car park
Activity: Run from the car park to Sri Hartamas and back to the car park via Bank Negara route
Distance: 20.2 km
Timing: 2 hr 7 min+
Split time: 31 min+ at Jalan Duta
57 min 36 sec at Petronas Station
1 hr 33 min+ at Jalan Duta
2 hr 7 min+

I missed my LSD so much. The last time I did my LSD at Bukit Aman was on 25 February 2006 i.e. 1 week before KLIM 2006. It has been 1.5 months I did not come to Bukit Aman for the run. My last LSD was on 12 March 2006 at TTDI Park. It has been 1 month I did not do my LSD.

This time I carry my new Deuter pouch for the run. This pouch is heavier than the New Balance pouch. I put my digital camera into the pouch in order to experiment the effect on my timing for the long run. Although the Deuter pouch is heavier than the New Balance pouch, I felt very comfortable using the Deuter pouch. I ran at normal pace to Hartamas with the pouch. My split time was normal notwithstanding with the fact that I had not been doing my long run for 1 month.

When I reached Hartamas station, I spent a few minutes trying to snapshoot pictures. Then, I continued with my run until certain point where I had to stop for a few minutes to fasten my pouch. I did not tighten my pouch properly at Bukit Aman. On my way back, I ran at quite a relaxed pace as I did not want to push myself.

Overall, I discovered that with additional weight from my digital camera in a heavier pouch, I still managed to maintain my normal performance and timing even though I had not been doing my long run for 1 month.

Note: In future, I’ll carry my digital camera for races if I am not serious on my timing and performance. I’ll post the photos when free.


I just received my certificate. This is my best timing in the half marathon since I started running in June 2004. It is never easy to achieve sub-2 hr timing. From next year onwards, this run will be known as PJ International Marathon 2007 and it will be held on 28 January 2007. Since started running the PJ Half Marathon 2004 until 2006, I had only came back empty handed once.
My past results are as follows:
2004: 2 hr 15 min 40 sec (Missed the finisher certificate by 40 sec) (Distance: 19.5 km)
2005: 2 hr 9 min 3 sec (Position: 176th) (Certificate of completion & medal)
2006: 1 hr 59 min 39 sec (Position: 150th) (Certificate of merit & medal)
My next aim is to get the certificate of distinction. The question of when will I get the certificate of distinction will be known on 28/1/2007. Have to admit that I have lost my speed for shorter distance run. I am no longer the LIM FANG HAU that I used to be in 2004 & 2005 (improving in most of the races I participated).
If there is a three tier grading for half marathon I'll participate in the half marathon until I achieve my target before swithching to full marathon. If there is no three tier grading for half marathon, I'll switch to full marathon.

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Hi all
Today is a significant day in the history for the nation of Sarawak.  On 22 July 1963, Sarawak achieved its independence from Britain.  At that time this meant Sarawak was free from the colonisation of the West.  Few months later, Sarawak formed Malaysia on 16 September 1963 as equal partners together with Singapore and North Borneo (Sabah).  The safeguard for Sarawak to form Malaysia was enshrined under the 18 Points Agreement.  However most of the points were not honoured by the current government today.
Why call Sarawak, a nation ?  Originally Sarawak formed Malaysia as equal partners of the Federation with autonomous power.  Sarawak was supposed to be a nation within Malaysia with autonomous power.  The govenor at that juncture was called Yang Dipertua Negara.  This term was used until the Federal Constitution was amended in 1976 to change it to Yang Dipertua Negeri.
This date 22 July is often forgotten by the present generation.  The actual independence date for Sarawak should be 22 July rather than 31 August. 
Let us hope that the present generation especially the Sarawakian will not forget the significance of 22 July in the history of Sarawak.  It is also our wish that the 18 Points Agreement will be honoured and respected by the current government.


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Jerry Kamit - Datun Julud Sape (audio only).mp3

Music from Sape (musical instrument from Sarawak)


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Note: The Election Act and Regulations have been updated and verified with Lawnet, a legal portal owned by Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad.

Attachment: Act 5.doc
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Please refer to next blog for ELECTION OFFENCES ACT 1954 & ELECTION COMMISSION ACT 1957.

Note: The Election Act and Regulations have been updated and verified with Lawnet, a legal portal owned by Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad.





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Please refer to next blog for ELECTIONS (POSTAL VOTING) REGULATIONS 2003.

Note: The Election Act and Regulations have been updated and verified with Lawnet, a legal portal owned by Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad.


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Malapportionment − The biggest electoral fraud



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Fw: REMEMBER these very crucial points ON VOTING

Wow! This is an eye opener! Just take note, people...
The Voter Agent training recently conducted at the PJ Civic Centre brought to the fore some very critical issues which every voter ought to know.

These are as follows:

1. As soon as you enter the polling station, you will be ushered to Kerani 1, who will check your personal identity against your NRIC. He/she will then read out your name, NRIC number and the Siri/Bilangan number in accordance to the list provided by the Election Commission (SPR).

2. Once all that is verified, Kerani 1 will pass your NRIC to the next officer, Kerani 2.

3. Here, Kerani 2 will hand you a ‘Kertas Undi,’ which is identified by its Serial Number. As a voter, please know your rights. You have the constitutional right under our Election Laws to NOT accept the ‘Kertas Undi’ that the officer assigns to you. You CAN and should ask for a different ‘Kertas Undi’ from a different book. To do that, just say to the officer, “Encik (or Cik), saya minta Kertas Undi dari buku lain atau dari bawah.” Translated, that is, “Sir (or Madam), I like to request a different ballot paper from a different book or from below.” This must be done so that the voter CANNOT be identified via the SPR’s master list. It will take just ONE voter to upset the whole sequence, which will eventually affect the SPR’s master list for that voting centre. The aim of doing this is to SAFEGUARD every voter’s identity. No one has the right to know how you want to vote.

4. Once your ‘Kertas Undi’ is issued to you, just stand there and do NOT leave immediately. Instead please CHECK BOTH SIDES of the ballot paper in order to ensure that there are NO pencil markings or any other form of suspicious markings on it. If there are, REJECT the ballot paper issued to you and instead request for these markings to be either erased to your satisfaction or for you to be issued with a new ‘Kertas Undi.’ Also do NOT accept any loose-lying ‘Kertas Undi,’ which may have been strewn about because it was rejected by someone else earlier. ALWAYS ask for a fresh ballot paper from the book. An alternative, as suggested by certain other people via email, is to bring along your own eraser so that when you see any pencil marks, you can rub them off completely yourself.

5. Kerani 2 will then hand the ‘Kertas Undi’ to the next officer, Kerani 3. Kerani 3 carries a seal, which will be used to stamp your ‘Kertas Undi.’ PLEASE watch carefully that the officer stamps your ballot paper FULLY and CLEARLY. After that, see that it is folded into two before the ballot paper is handed over to you.

6. You can now proceed to the voting booth.

7. At the booth, please ensure that the ballot paper has only your ONE marking of a single X. If for whatever reason, suspicious or otherwise, you overlooked some pencil marks of numbers or markings on the front or
back of the ballot paper (ie other than your own mark), please ERASE those markings completely. REMEMBER, these markings can and will render your ballot spoilt – so be extra cautious. The most careful approach is to check your ‘Kertas Undi’ thoroughly before you accept it from the officer.

REMEMBER to check it in front of the relevant officer so that if you have to reject it, he is right in front of you.

8. Do not be afraid or cower in fear when you have to express your objections because there are
representatives from the various participating political parties who will be there to observe the whole voting process and they are there to assist you as and when you need.

As mentioned earlier, PLEASE bring along your own pencil ERASER. It is VITAL that we get this information across to as many people as possible. It is this kind of information that BN/UMNO does not want others to know. They thrive on public ignorance so that they can do whatever they feel like brazenly.

One way to stop them is to send this information to as many of your friends as possible so that everyone, on voting day, knows exactly what to do, knows his/her constitutional voting rights and is aware of Print this out and keep it safely. When Voting Day finally arrives, it will be handy for you to access and read again.


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200 brave water sprinklers to protest Assembly Bill

Pak Samad with Teresa Kok

I was just curoius to find out about this and this prompted me to KLCC yesterday. As usual, I was wearing a yellow t-shirt with handwritten word "BERSIH".

I was among the 200 to join the protest. Out of sudden, when I heard the security management of KLCC Park trying to disperse us by asking us to produce permit for poem recital in this public park, I released my outburst in public and yelled "wei!!! tak logik ni!!!". This was followed by other protestors.

For more news or details, please refer to

Other DAP MPs and State Assemblymen were also present to support Pak Samad and the organiser Mr Wong Chin Huat.


Institutional Racism and Religious freedom in Malaysia

Prepared for briefings at :
US House Committee on Foreign Affairs
US State Department
Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission